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Fic Dump III-Original Stuff

Title: Table For Three
Author: Elise
Pairing: Abby/Josh/David
Rating: T for now
Warnings: Threesome, swearing, alcohol use, IDEK-warning, if that counts
Summary: Wherein there's UST, established regular couple, ex's, angst, a beach trip, gaming, frustration, baby steps and the kind of family fun only your family can force on you.  It's fun.  I promise XD
Author's Note: Okay, so LJ is being inordinately gay about this.  Apparently, even just one chapter's too long, so I'm just gonna post the links to FF.net.  I've got my profile set up to receive anonymous reviews should you choose to leave a comment.  And honestly, it's original fiction.  Who actually reads it besides me?  ;)

Enjoy all the same :D  The fic itself is about 23K words long at the moment, so y'know.  Get some trail mix.  Or pee first.  Or whatever you need to do.


Fic Dump II

Title: Roses On My Grave
Author: Elise
Word Count: ~3.5K
Fandom: Final Fantasy XIII (hahaha, two gamer fics in less than a day)
Pairing: Lightning/Fang
Rating: T-ish?  They kiss a little.
Warnings: Angsty, unadulterated Xmas fluff in a game where Christmas probably isn't the holiday
Summary: "Merry Christmas, Sunshine."

Fake cutz iz fakez.Collapse )

Fic Dump

It's time for ficcccc!  Okay.  We got three fics, two fanfictions and one original.  So.  Three posts coming right up so I don't choke up the cut if you're only interested in one fic.

Title: Solstice's Cleanse
Author: Elise D. duh!
Word Count: About 5K
Fandom: Diablo II (oh yeah.  It's a game fic, hahahaha)
Pairing: Paladin/Sorceress/Amazon if you squint.  m/f/m
Rating: PG-13ish.  Nothing really graphic.
Warnings: Eh, mild violence.  Some burns and blood.  And bining rituals between three peeps.
Author's Notes: IDEK.  I really don't.
Summary: Binding rituals were serious business, and combined magicks from several different races. Even the most advanced parties didn't bind themselves together, opting instead for the easier verbal or oral agreements.

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If I give her any more, she'll BLOW CAP'N!  And now I want Captain America getting blown by Tony Stark with that line in there somehwere XD

Anyway.  So I did my walking again today.  My shins and quads are murdering me XD  I did do some calisthenics afterward though, because I miss knowing I had abdominal muscles back during boot camp XD  Lemme tell you about the bicycle exercise and flutter kicks.  LOL, just thinking about those two particular exercises is almost like a little bit of shellshock, and I can see Drill Sgt. Fuss poking his head into the company room with a manic smile going "SUCKS TO BE YOU, FUCKERRRSSS!  BACK!"

On the plus side, because I'm so anal about my weight, I made the mistake of jumping on the scale the day after I started exercising.  Awesome because I lost a pound :D  But it's only the first day, so I'm getting ahead of myself.

In other news, gonna do a Christmas ficathon :D  Planning on doing all of my favorite pairings from my favorite fandoms.  Will be taking requests, if anyone's interested.  Right now, here's the line-up:

XMFC: Charles/Erik, maybe Charles/Erik/Moira because it's fun
Scrubs: JD/Cox/Jordan fer sho, maybe others
FFXIII: Lightning/Fang
Diablo II: An amazon named Tradin and a sorceress named Areli, with mebbe a paladin named Jaren thrown in for shits and grins

So far, that's it.  Other contendors include Bertie/Lionel for King's Speech, though another author sort of threw me off that fandom early on.  Another contendor is Booth/Hodgins for Bones and Sheppard/McKay from Stargate Atlantis :D  I is kinda excited about this.  I already started the Diablo II fic.

On the other hand, I'm trying to wait till finals are over before I really get into this XD  Also need to finish up Slashfic 40 for XMFC.  Like...mad crazy baaaddd.

So.  Finals, exercising, job, writing.  Sleep?  Sure, when I'm dead, lol.

Woah, it's a real post :P

Soooo, I decided I've finally reached my tipping point with my weight and image of my body.  I don't want to be hot, seriously.  Healthy would be nice, my joints not hurting from the excess weight when I climb stairs would also be lovely.

Anway, the point's come where I'm sitting at 185 lbs, and I'm only like...5'4".  The good news is that my mom is 5'8" and weighs about the same, but she thinks I have more muscle than she does and that's why I look smaller than I am.  The bad news is...well, I still weigh close to 20 pounds away from my original heaviest weight, and I'm taking a stand against going back to that.  I just don't think I could stand it if I got that heavy.

Also noticed on my piano videos that I post on youtube that I always have a gut, no matter how I sit, and it's irritating.  So.

Day 1.  I weigh 185 pounds, and walked/ran about 2 miles tonight.  I didn't get as out of breath as I thought I would, but I didn't run the entire time either; I ran in sections.  I still did better overall than I thought.  My exercising iPod shuffle is still working too XD  Just have to get my own headphones since earbuds fall out on my when I start bouncing around enough :P  me and my big ear canals XD

I'm actually going to attempt chronicaling my fun with weight loss/gain in here since I don't use it for much else than posting fanfiction.  And honestly, with the classload I have this semester and all the other bullshit drama that's taken place this year, I don't have time for barely that XD  Although I did write a cracktastic X-Men First Class/MIB2 crossover about Laura being Storm's little sister XD  It was funsies.

Fun times, yay!  Wish me lucksies :D

FIC: When It Rains

Title: When It Rains
Author: emilys_knickers
Pairing: Charles/Erik (implied)
Rating: PG
Warnings: Slight abuse of comic!canon, slight crossover, little crack!fic, but fun
Summary: Recruiting, wherein Erik and Charles meet a pair of sisters.

"Lots of people get sad when it rains."Collapse )

Fic: Remnants and Fragments

Title: Remnants and Fragments
Pairing: Charles/Erik
Rating: This chapter is T for abuse of theoretical physics and violence.
Warnings:  Again, copious amounts of abuse of theoretical physics, secondary character death, implied major character death sort of.
Summary:  "Last".  The last thing Erik finally tries to do is something that the particle-controlling fellow in England had called reckless, rash, and, assuming that this universe was the only one they had, not worth destroying over a theory.
Author's Notes:  Dedicated to this fantasmic piece of art by loobeeinthesky and sort of a gift for all of the wonderful work she does, as well as thanks for her posting more of her pencil sketches and WIP's like I asked, lol.  Also dedicated to this wonderful piece I'm sure everyone's seen by perishing-twinkie.  As always, no infringement intended; all of the credit belongs to the fantastic artists.  Thank you for your inspiration!

Oi, the idea for bamf!physics!Erik was, in part, inspired by "Winter of Banked Fires" by yahtzee.  Go read it now; it's much better than this, lol.

Read me!Collapse )

FIC: Remnants and Fragments

Title: Remnants and Fragments
Pairing: Charles/Erik
Rating: This Chapter: M for strong, sexual content
Warnings: No warnings, save that this is a table prompt thing, so it'll be long. Warnings will be posted according to said prompt.
Summary: "First". Charles stretches his powers, Erik gives him a run for his money.
Author's Notes: This one took some odd twists along the way, but ultimately, I really liked the ending! And this one actually has like...sex in it and stuff. Wootwoot. Porn with a plot ^_^

Additional Note/Dedication: This is for all of the lovely readers of the fanfiction here who adore bamf!Charles and when he and Erik square off with no real clear winner.

"Charles knew that Erik had always been a soldier, a weapon, a killer. This was the first time it'd occured to Erik that Charles might be the same."Collapse )

Fic: Remnants and Fragments

Remnants and Fragments
Title: Remnants and Fragments
Author: emmys_knickers
Pairing: Charles/Erik
Rating: This Chapter: PG-13 for sec. char death.
Warnings: No warnings, save that this is a table prompt thing, so it'll be long. Warnings will be posted according to said prompt.
Summary: "End".  Sort of a fix-it fic?  Might be using this one as a two parter with another prompt; I ended it well, I think, but it's screaming for a sequel.

"If he hadn't known any better, he'd have sworn those were tears tracking down the back of his neck. It may've been the dream."Collapse )
I believe I have drabbles I will work on today.  For the following:

My sekrit guilt pairing of Lionel/Bertie from The King's Speech:

1. Control
2. Can't Stop
3. Rant/Rave
4. Sunshine
5. Changed For The Better

This is all thus far.  Oh yeah.  And going on vacation.  Might see if I can update my userpics while I'm out and about.  I do so love my Dr. Cox pics though...and my ghetto Septerra Core ones XD  Who knows.

Later, playas.